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From Nimesh Aghera <>
Subject RE: Implicit routing changes to Composite while re-deploy changes and make Upconfig command
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2017 14:21:06 GMT


Thanks Shawn for reply,
Need to do below step.

After creating collection using the Collection API  clear the version-2 folder from zoo_data
and after that I will start server and make upconfig the collection is up but the routing
changes from implicit to explicit with solr 6.1.0 while I do same to replicate in solr 7.1.0
 while up server it will gives org.apache.solr.common.SolrException:org.apache.solr.common.SolrException:
Replica core_node5 is not present in cluster state: null So unable to replicate in solr 7.1.0
and also while start server it will create the 'gettingstarted' collection every time which
is already exists.

So will you please try above scenario.
Please do needful.

Nimesh Aghera

-----Original Message-----
From: Shawn Heisey []
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2017 8:55 PM
Subject: Re: Implicit routing changes to Composite while re-deploy changes and make Upconfig

On 12/13/2017 10:08 PM, Nimesh Aghera wrote:
> Currently using solr cloud 6.1.0 and below is the solr admin UI which 
> shows that routing changes after make upconfig command
> Below values shown in Solr Admin UI  are before make  re-upconfig where all data are
indexed into particular shard.

I could not reproduce this on Solr 7.1.0.  If there *is* a problem in version 6.1.0, it's
not going to get fixed.  Versions that old will never see an update.

First, I started up the cloud example with "bin\solr start -e cloud -nomprompt".  This was
on a Windows 7 system with Oracle Java 8u144.

Then I made a Collections API call like yours to create a collection:


This is the response from that call:


This is a screenshot of the collection overview, showing the implicit

Then I made a whitespace-only change to solrconfig.xml in the _default configset, and re-uploaded
it to replace the configuration I used for the collection:

bin\solr zk upconfig -d server\solr\configsets\_default -n gettingstarted -z localhost:9983

There was no difference at all in the collection details.  I even did a collection reload,
and still did not see anything change.


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