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From hemanth <>
Subject Re: indexing data to solrcloud with "implicit" is not distributing across cluster.
Date Mon, 25 Dec 2017 12:15:10 GMT
Hi Erik,
Thanks for your reply. I have no issues of using either Implicit or
Composite routing but I want to insert the documents to a particular shard,
so that when I want to query the data , I can hit a particular shard, which
gives me the results in lesser time as it hits only particular shard. So,
for eg: I am creating a collection with status as Active, Inactive and
Terminated. Let me think that my data at present is equally distributed ,
i.e Active 400 records, Inactive 300 records and Terminated also 300
records. I tried creating a collection with compositeId routing which
created shard1,shard2,shard3 , but when I indexed , all the documents went
to one shard only. I also created a collection with Implicit routing
mechanism with Active,Inactive and Terminated shard with routing key as
status. When I indexed the documents , again all went to single shard. I
want to route the documents based on some input value (with out based on the
hash value of the field , I specified, because both values may always lead
to same hash value and may point to store in same shard).  So , Please let
me know, how to route the documents to a particular shard based on composite
id or implicit mechanism, by using one of the existing field value or
extracting the content of the field before ! parameter. eg: if my field
value is "Active!otherfieldvalue" should go to Active shard and if my field
value is  "Inactive!othercontent" should go to Inactive shard.


-Happy Christmas

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