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From Amanda Shuman <>
Subject Re: How to get a solr core to persist
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2017 09:28:07 GMT
Hi Shawn,

Thanks a million for your response! I really do appreciate it... this helps
clarify how things should be set up.

As for why things are set up the way they are and the webapps location...
honestly I think my predecessor did not really understand solr at all...
I'm trying to pick up the pieces now on the back-end. (On the bright side,
I did figure out how to modify the search relevance critieria in the config
files for our core, but I'm more of a front-end developer and that seemed a
lot more intuitive to me.)

It does seem that the solr home is currently in /var/solr/data (not
server/solr) because when I created a new core at command line, that's
where it went. We start/restart solr using /etc/init.d/ rather than

If can ask a few very small follow-up questions to this:

"If you do a manual core creation, the file must NOT exist,
but the conf directory *must* exist with the proper contents."

1) so does this mean that on the back-end I should first create my new
core, e.g., core1 and then within that place a conf folder with all the
files? Same for the data folder? If so, is it fine to just use the existing
config files that I've previously worked on (i.e. the config for search
that I already modified)? I presume this won't be an issue.

2) does it matter if I create this core through the admin console or at
command line?

Thanks again!

Dr. Amanda Shuman
Post-doc researcher, University of Freiburg, The Maoist Legacy Project
PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz
Office: +49 (0) 761 203 4925

On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 3:15 PM, Shawn Heisey <> wrote:

> On 11/14/2017 2:14 AM, Amanda Shuman wrote:
>> We have just one solr core, which resides in the webapp foIder (in solr
>> 5.3.1 this is at /opt/solr-5.3.1/server/webapps/[corename]/  -- the data
>> folder is in the same place at /data).
> Why is your core there?  That is not a typical location, and does explain
> the restart behavior you're seeing.
> Usually core directories go in the solr home.  If you start solr using
> "bin/solr start" directly without any options, the solr home will be in
> server/solr, not server/webapp.  How are you starting Solr?
> "Could not create a new core in
>> /opt/solr-5.3.1/server/webapps/[corename]/as another core is already
>> defined there"
> When Solr starts, it begins searching the coreRootDirectory (which
> defaults to the solr home) for cores.  When it locates a
> file, that location becomes the instanceDir for a core.
> If you do a manual core creation, the file must NOT exist,
> but the conf directory *must* exist with the proper contents. The core
> creation will create that file.  If it already exists, then Solr will
> refuse to create the core, just as you have seen.
> The program directory location you have mentioned (/opt/solr-5.3.1) sounds
> like somebody did a service installation.  The default solr home when you
> install the service (and start Solr with /etc/init.d/XXXX rather than
> bin/solr) is /var/solr/data.  This location can be overridden, but that's
> the default.
> Instead of having your core in webapp, move it to the solr home, wherever
> that is.  Then when you start Solr, it will find the core.
> If a service installation has been done, then you should not start Solr
> with "bin/solr" -- you should start the installed service.
> Thanks,
> Shawn

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