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From "Allison, Timothy B." <>
Subject RE: Complexphrase treats wildcards differently than other query parsers
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2017 19:15:22 GMT
After some more digging, I'm wrong even at the Lucene level.

When I use the CustomAnalyzer and make my UC vowel mock filter MultitermAware, I get this
with Lucene in trunk:

"the* quick~" name:thE* name:qUIck~2 name:thE name:qUIck

So, there's room for improvement with phrases, but the regular multiterms should be ok.

Still no answer for you...

2017-10-05 14:34 GMT+02:00 Allison, Timothy B. <>:

> There's every chance that I'm missing something at the Solr level, but 
> it _looks_ at the Lucene level, like ComplexPhraseQueryParser is still 
> not applying analysis to multiterms.
> When I call this on 7.0.0:
>    QueryParser qp = new ComplexPhraseQueryParser(defaultFieldName,
> analyzer);
>     return qp.parse(qString);
>  where the analyzer is a mock "uppercase vowel" analyzer[1] and the 
> qString is;
> "the* quick~" the* quick~ the quick
> I get this:
> "the* quick~" name:the* name:quick~2 name:thE name:qUIck

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