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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Inconsistent replicas in a shard
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2017 19:26:34 GMT
Shouldn't be happening of course (replicas with different numbers of
docs), at least permanently. It can regularly happen on a _temporary_
basis however. And there are ways you can cause this to happen
permanently. Here's an outline.

> temporarily out of sync. Due to the fact that commits happen at different wall clock
times, different replicas in the same shard can be skewed for the autocommit interval. Ways
to check:
>> stop indexing, wait for the CDCR to catch up _plus_ your autocommit interval and
>> Fire a query at the replica that cuts off some time in the past and add distrib=false,
then examine the number of hits returned. The query looks something like "..solr/collection1_shard1_replica1/query?q=*:*&fq=timestamp:[*
TO NOW-(2x autocommit interval + CDCR latency)]&distrib=false". This requires a reliable
timestamp of course.

> Permanently out of sync:
>> if you ever fired a FORCELEADER at a replica, you are risking this.
>> If you stopped the (non leader) replica and kept indexing, then stopped the leader
and started the replica back up. Solr does the best it can to preserve the data, but if a
replica is offline it doesn't have updates in the tlog to replay. So when leader election
happens if the old replica is elected leader it won't have all the updates.


On Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 12:04 PM, Webster Homer <> wrote:
> We are using Solr 6.2.0 in solrcloud mode
> I have a QA solrcloud that has multiple collections. All collections have 2
> shards each with two replicas.
> I have several replicas where the numDocs in the same shard do not match.
> In two collections with three different shards I have one replica with data
> and the other has no data. All six replicas appear healthy in the Solr
> console.
> So how does that happen where two replicas in the same shard have different
> amounts of data?
> How do you diagnose this when the replicas are active and seemingly healthy?
> How do I get the replicas with no data, get data from their leader? In all
> three cases the replica with data is the leader.
> I also see two other collections where the replica's numDocs don't quite
> match
> In those two cases the leader has a few more docs than the other replica
> How to remedy this situation?
> This solrcloud is a target of CDCR replication, but I'm not sure why that
> would matter since I believe cdcr has the shard leaders communicate and the
> followers should just get their updates from their leader as they would
> from a normal update
> I'm just lucky that this is not a production solrcloud! Still need to know
> how to fix it.
> Thanks!
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