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From Nawab Zada Asad Iqbal <>
Subject Maven build error (Was: Jenkins setup for continuous build)
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2017 23:39:18 GMT
So, i looked at this setup which
is using Maven, so i switched to maven too.

I am hitting following error with maven build:
Is that expected? Can someone share me the details about how is configured.

[INFO] Scanning classes for violations...
[ERROR] Forbidden class/interface use: org.bouncycastle.util.Strings
[non-portable or internal runtime class]
[ERROR]   in
[ERROR] Scanned 1290 (and 2112 related) class file(s) for forbidden API
invocations (in 2.74s), 1 error(s).

On Wed, Oct 4, 2017 at 9:14 AM, Nawab Zada Asad Iqbal <>

> Hi,
> I have some custom code in solr (which is not of good quality for
> contributing back) so I need to setup my own continuous build solution. I
> tried jenkins and was hoping that ant build (ant clean compile) in Execute
> Shell textbox will work, but I am stuck at this ivy-fail error:
> To work around it, I also added another step in the 'Execute Shell' (ant
> ivy-bootstrap), which succeeds but 'ant clean compile' still fails with the
> following error. I guess that I am not alone in doing this so there should
> be some standard work around for this.
> ivy-fail:
>      [echo]
>      [echo]      This build requires Ivy and Ivy could not be found in your ant classpath.
>      [echo]
>      [echo]      (Due to classpath issues and the recursive nature of the Lucene/Solr
>      [echo]      build system, a local copy of Ivy can not be used an loaded dynamically
>      [echo]      by the build.xml)
>      [echo]
>      [echo]      You can either manually install a copy of Ivy 2.3.0 in your ant classpath:
>      [echo]
>      [echo]
>      [echo]      Or this build file can do it for you by running the Ivy Bootstrap target:
>      [echo]        ant ivy-bootstrap
>      [echo]
>      [echo]      Either way you will only have to install Ivy one time.
>      [echo]
>      [echo]      'ant ivy-bootstrap' will install a copy of Ivy into your Ant User Library:
>      [echo]        /home/jenkins/.ant/lib
>      [echo]
>      [echo]      If you would prefer, you can have it installed into an alternative
>      [echo]      directory using the "-Divy_install_path=/some/path/you/choose" option,
>      [echo]      but you will have to specify this path every time you build Lucene/Solr
>      [echo]      in the future...
>      [echo]        ant ivy-bootstrap -Divy_install_path=/some/path/you/choose
>      [echo]        ...
>      [echo]        ant -lib /some/path/you/choose clean compile
>      [echo]        ...
>      [echo]        ant -lib /some/path/you/choose clean compile
>      [echo]
>      [echo]      If you have already run ivy-bootstrap, and still get this message, please
>      [echo]      try using the "--noconfig" option when running ant, or editing your
>      [echo]      ant config to allow the user lib to be loaded.  See the wiki for more
>      [echo]
>      [echo]

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