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From Brian Yee <>
Subject RE: Parsing of rq queries in LTR
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2017 20:16:35 GMT
I have a similar question. I performing my feature extraction with the following:

fl= [features+efi.query=bakeware 3-piece set]

I'm pretty sure the dash is causing my query to error. But I'm also not sure how the spaces
impacts the efi param. I tried putting the term in quotes, but that does not work.


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From: Binoy Dalal [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 10:51 AM
To: SOLR users group <>
Subject: Parsing of rq queries in LTR

For an LTR query, is there any way of checking how the `rq` is being parsed? or specifically
how the `efi` queries are treated?

For e.g. let's say my `rq` looks like this:
"rq":"{!ltr model=my_efi_model efi.text=my car}"

And my corresponding feature is:
SolrFeature [name=my_efi, params={q={!field f=efi_field}${text}}]

I want to see how the `my_efi` feature processes the query `q={!field f=efi_field}${text}`.
Does it do something like `efi_field:my efi_field:car` or `efi_field=my default_field=car`

The debug query option does not provide this information and the solr logs don't record the
execution of queries made for feature value calculation.

Any inputs are much appreciated.
Binoy Dalal
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