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From "alessandro.benedetti" <>
Subject Re: Newbie question about why represent timestamps as "float" values
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2017 08:55:05 GMT
There was time ago a Solr installation which had the same problem, and the
author explained me that the choice was made for performance reasons.
Apparently he was sure that handling everything as primitive types would
give a boost to the Solr searching/faceting performance.
I never agreed ( and one of the reasons is that you need to transform back
from float to dates to actually render them in a readable format).

Furthermore I tend to rely on standing on the shoulders of giants, so if a
community ( not just a single developer) spent time implementing a date type
( with the different available implementations) to manage specifically date
information, I tend to thrust them and believe that the best approach to
manage dates is to use that ad hoc date type ( in its variants, depending on
the use cases).

As a plus, using the right data type gives you immense power in debugging
and understanding better your data.
For proper maintenance , it is another good reason to stick with standards.

Alessandro Benedetti
Search Consultant, R&D Software Engineer, Director
Sease Ltd. -
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