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From alexpusch <>
Subject Keeping the index naturally ordered by some field
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2017 07:22:41 GMT
We've got a pretty big index (~1B small docs). I'm interested in managing
the index so that the search results would be naturally sorted by a certain
numeric field, without specifying the actual sort field in query time.

My first attempt was using SortingMergePolicyFactory. I've found that this
provides only partial success. The results were occasionally sorted, but
overall there where 'jumps' in the ordering.

After some research I've found this excellent  blog post
that taught me that TieredMergePolicy merges non consecutive segments, and
thus creating several segments with interlacing ordering. I've tried
replacing the merge policy to LogByteSizeMergePolicy, but results are still

The post is from 2011, and it's not clear to me whether today
LogByteSizeMergePolicy merges only consecutive segments, or it can merge non
consecutive segments as well.

Is there an approach that will allow me achieve this goal?

Solr version: 6.0

Thanks, Alex.

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