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From "Younge, Kent A - Norman, OK - Contractor" <>
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2017 12:39:22 GMT
The files are the same.  I even copied over the files from a machine that is
working and renamed the security files and it still did not work.. I am getting the same error.

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From: Younge, Kent A - Norman, OK - Contractor [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2017 6:54 AM

The new box is a clone of all the boxes so nothing should have changed other than the certificates
and the keystore.  That is why I am at such a loss on this issue.   Java is the same across
five servers all settings are the same across five servers.  I will look into the JVM security
and see if it is the same across all the boxes.

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From: Chris Hostetter [] 
Sent: Friday, September 01, 2017 5:46 PM

all of the low level SSL code used by Solr comes from the JVM.

double check which version of java you are using and make sure it's consistent on all of your
servers -- if you disable SSL on the affected server you can use the Solr Admin UI to be 100%
certain of exactly which version of java is being used...

If the JVM Runtime *versions* are identicle, the next thing to check would be the the JVM
security settings which control which ciphers are used.  
For Oracle JVMs this file is named "" -- compare that file between your functional/non-functional

There are lots of docs out there on SSL protocol and cipher configuration in java's
file, here's a quick one that links deep into the details of enabling/disabling protocols...

...but the bottomline is: you probably want to fix your broken server to match your working
servers, and unless the JVM versions are different, that means someone/thing must have modified
the JVM security settings on one of your servers -- find out who & why.


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