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From Bertrand Rigaldies <>
Subject edismax-with-bq-complexphrase-query not working in solrconfig.xml search handler
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2017 17:15:56 GMT
Hi there, on Solr 6.6.0, using the built-in "techproducts" example:

bin/solr start -f -e techproducts

I can successfully search with URL-based bq as shown in the URL (bq setting
in *bold*) below:


where I see the expected ComplexPhraseQuery expression in the parsed query:

DisjunctionMaxQuery((text:mini))) *ComplexPhraseQuery(\"iPod Mini\")*

However, *I have been unable to accomplish the same query using a search
handler *in solrconfig.xml, as shown below:

  <requestHandler name="/search_by_name_phrase" class="solr.SearchHandler">
    <lst name="defaults">
      <str name="echoParams">ALL</str>
      <int name="rows">10</int>

      <!-- Query parser -->
      <str name="defType">edismax</str>

      <!-- Query fields -->
      <str name="qf">name</str>

      <!-- Fields list -->
      <str name="fl">name, score</str>

      <!-- Boost matching the search terms in order in name -->
      <!-- Error: org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: No system property
or default value specified for q value:{!complexphrase inOrder=true
      <str name="bq">*{!complexphrase inOrder=true df=name}"${q}"*</str>

      <!-- Escaping does not work either. Not sure I have the proper
escaping syntax. -->
      <!--<str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true

The expression <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true
df=name}"${q}"</str> errors out when loading solrconfig.xml with the
following error:

Error: org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: No system property or default
value specified for q value:{!complexphrase inOrder=true df=name}"${q}"

as if Solr is looking for a Java property "q"!?

The variation shows below without the macro expansion, but assuming a
normal localParam substitution, seems to be taking "$q" as a literate:

      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true}name:"$q"</str>
DisjunctionMaxQuery((name:mini))) *ComplexPhraseQuery(\"$q\")*)/no_coord"

The variation with an attempt to escape the macro expansion does not work

      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true df=name}"\\$\\{q\\}"</str>
DisjunctionMaxQuery((name:mini)))* ComplexPhraseQuery(\"\\$\\{q\\}\"))*

Also, the following variations do *not* produce the expected
ComplexPhraseQuery statement in the parsed query:
      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true}name:$q</str>
      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true df=name}$q</str>
      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true}name:($q)</str>
      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true df=name}($q)</str>
      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true}name:\"$q\"</str>
      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true df=name}\"$q\"</str>
      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true df=name v="$q"}</str>
      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true df=name v=\"$q\"}</str>
DisjunctionMaxQuery((name:mini))) *name:q*)/no_coord"

And finally, also not producing the expected ComplexPhraseQuery statement:
      <str name="bq">{!complexphrase inOrder=true df=name v=$q}</str>
DisjunctionMaxQuery((name:mini))) *(name:ipod name:mini)*)/no_coord"

The documentation for ComplexPhraseQuery
some required "escaping": Special care has to be given when escaping:
clauses between double quotes (usually whole query) is parsed twice, these
parts have to be escaped as twice. eg "foo\\: bar\\^"

hence, it is possible that I have not used the proper escaping syntax.

It is troubling that I cannot use the same URL parameter expression in a
search handler to accomplish the same effect, a strong assumption of mine
in how Solr can be used.

Any suggestion, comment, or similar experience? Does it look like a bug?

Thank you,

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