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From Hendrik Haddorp <>
Subject streaming with SolrJ
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2017 19:35:20 GMT

I'm trying to use the streaming API via SolrJ but have some trouble with 
the documentation and samples. In the reference guide I found the below 
example in 
Problem is that "withStreamFunction" does not seem to exist. There is 
"withFunctionName", which would match the arguments but there is no 
documentation in the JavaDoc nor is the sample stating why I would need 
all those "with" calls if pretty much everything is also in the last 
"constructStream" method call. I was planning to retrieve a few fields 
for all documents in a collection but have trouble to figure out what is 
the correct way to do so. The documentation also uses "/export" and 
"/search", with little explanation on the differences. Would really 
appreciate a pointer to some simple samples.

The package provides Java classes that 
compile streaming expressions into streaming API objects. These classes 
can be used to execute streaming expressions from inside a Java 
application. For example:

StreamFactory streamFactory = new 
StreamFactory().withCollectionZkHost("collection1", zkServer.getZkAddress())
     .withStreamFunction("search", CloudSolrStream.class)
     .withStreamFunction("unique", UniqueStream.class)
     .withStreamFunction("top", RankStream.class)
     .withStreamFunction("group", ReducerStream.class)
     .withStreamFunction("parallel", ParallelStream.class);

ParallelStream pstream = 
group(search(collection1, q=\"*:*\", fl=\"id,a_s,a_i,a_f\", sort=\"a_s 
asc,a_f asc\", partitionKeys=\"a_s\"), by=\"a_s asc\"), workers=\"2\", 
zkHost=\""+zkHost+"\", sort=\"a_s asc\")");


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