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From shamik <>
Subject Re: Solr nodes crashing (OOM) after 6.6 upgrade
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2017 08:11:48 GMT
Thanks, the change seemed to have addressed the memory issue (so far), but on
the contrary, the GC chocked the CPUs stalling everything. The CPU
utilization across the cluster clocked close to 400%, literally stalling
everything.On a first look, the G1-Old generation looks to be the culprit
that took up 80% of the CPU. Not sure what triggered really triggered it as
the GC seemed to have stable till then. The other thing I noticed was the
mlt queries (I'm using mlt query parser for cloud support) took a huge
amount of time to respond (10 sec+) during the CPU spike compared to the
rest. Again, that might just due to the CPU.

The index might not be a large one to merit a couple of shards, but it has
never been an issue for past couple of years on 5.5. We never had a single
outage related to memory or CPU. The query/indexing load has increased over
time, but it has been linear. I'm little baffled why would 6.6 behave so
differently. Perhaps the hardware is not adequate enough? I'm running on 8
core / 30gb machine with SSD.

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