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From Phil Scadden <>
Subject RE: write.lock file appears and solr wont open
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2017 04:02:22 GMT
SOLR_HOME is /var/www/solr/data
The zip was actually the entire data directory which also included configsets. And yes
is in var/www/solr/data/prindex (just has single line name=prindex, in it). No other cores
are present.
The data directory should have been unzipped before the solr instance was started (I cant
actually touch the machine so communicating via a deployment document but the operator usually
follows every step to the letter.
The sequence was:
mkdir /var/www/solr
sudo bash ./ solr-6.5.1.tgz -i /opt/local -d /var/www/solr
edit /etc/default/ to set various items. (esp SOLR_HOME and to set SOLR_PID_DIR
to /var/www/solr)
unzip the data directory
service solr start.

No other instance of solr installed.

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