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From "Zisis T." <>
Subject Multi tenant setup
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2017 16:35:09 GMT
I'm trying to setup a multi-tenant Solr cluster (v6.5.1) which must meet the
following requirements. The tenants are different customers with similar
type of data.

* Ability to query per client but also across all clients
* Don't want to hit all shards for all type of requests (per client, across
* Don't want to have everything under a single multi-sharded collection to
avoid a SPOF and maintenance headaches 
   (e.g. a schema change will force an all-client reindexing. single huge
* Ability to semi-support different schemas.

Based on the above I ruled out the following setups 
* Single multi-sharded collection for all clients and all its variations
(e.g. multiple clients in a singe shard)
* One collection per client 

My preference lies in a setup like the following
* Create a limited # of collections
* Split the clients in the collections created above based on some criteria
(size, content-type)
* Client specific requests will be limited in a single collection
* Across clients requests will target a limited # of collections (using

The approach above meets the requirements posted above but the issue that is
blocking me is the Distributed IDF not working properly across collections.
(Check comment#3, bullet#2 of

-> Do you see anything wrong with my assumptions/approach above? Are there
any alternatives besides having separate clusters for the search across
clients and the individual clients?
-> Is it safe to go with a single collection? If it is, I still need to
handle the possible different schemas per client somehow.
-> Is there a way to enforce local stats when quering a single collection
and use global stats only when querying across collections? (see link above)


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