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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: SolrIndexSearcher accumulation
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2017 13:08:19 GMT
On 4/7/2017 3:09 AM, Gerald Reinhart wrote:
>    We have some custom code that extends SearchHandler to be able to :
>         - do an extra request
>         - merge/combine the original request and the extra request
> results
>    On Solr 5.x, our code was working very well, now with Solr 6.x we
> have the following issue:  the number of SolrIndexSearcher are
> increasing (we can see them in the admin view > Plugins/ Stats > Core ).
> As SolrIndexSearcher are accumulating, we have the following issues :
>        - the memory used by Solr is increasing => OOM after a long
> period of time in production
>        - some files in the index has been deleted from the system but
> the Solr JVM still hold them => ("fake") Full disk after a long period
> of time in production
>    We are wondering,
>       - what has changed between Solr 5.x and Solr 6.x in the
> management of the SolrIndexSearcher ?
>       - what would be the best way, in a Solr plugin, to perform 2
> queries and merge the results to a single SolrQueryResponse ? 

I hesitated to send a reply because when it comes right down to it, I do
not know a whole lot about deep Solr internals.  I tend to do my work
with the code at a higher level, and don't dive down in the depths all
that often.  I am slowly learning, though.  You may need to wait for a
reply from someone who really knows those internals.

It looks like you and I participated in a discussion last month where
you were facing a similar problem with searchers -- deleted index files
being held open.  How did that turn out?  Seems like if that problem
were solved, it would also solve this problem.

Very likely, the fact that the plugin worked correctly in 5.x was
actually a bug in Solr related to reference counting, one that has been
fixed in later versions.

You may need to use a paste website or a file-sharing website to share
all your plugin code so that people can get a look at it.  The list has
a habit of deleting attachments.


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