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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr Delete By Id Out of memory issue
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:57:36 GMT

: OK, The whole DBQ thing baffles the heck out of me so this may be
: totally off base. But would committing help here? Or at least be worth
: a test?

ths isn't DBQ -- the OP specifically said deleteById, and that the 
oldDeletes map (only used for DBI) was the problem acording to the heap 
dumps they looked at.

I suspect you are correct about the root cause of the OOMs ... perhaps the 
OP isn't using hard/soft commits effectively enough and the uncommitted 
data is what's causing the OOM ... hard to say w/o more details. or 
confirmation of exactly what the OP was looking at in their claim below 
about the heap dump....

: > : Thanks for replying. We are using Solr 6.1 version. Even I saw that it is
: > : bounded by 1K count, but after looking at heap dump I was amazed how can it
: > : keep more than 1K entries. But Yes I see around 7M entries according to
: > : heap dump and around 17G of memory occupied by BytesRef there.
: >
: > what exactly are you looking at when you say you see "7M entries" ?
: >
: > are you sure you aren't confusing the keys in oldDeletes with other
: > instances of BytesRef in the JVM?


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