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From Phil Scadden <>
Subject RE: Managed schema vs schema.xml
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2017 20:32:54 GMT
I would second that guide could be clearer on that. I read and reread several times trying
to get my head around the schema.xml/managed-schema bit. I came away from first cursory reading
with the idea that managed-schema was mostly for schema-less mode and only after some stuff
ups and puzzling over comments in the basic-config schema file itself did I go back for more
careful re-read. I am still not sure that I have got all the nuances. My understanding is:

If you don’t want ability to edit it via admin UI or config api, rename to schema.xml. Unclear
whether you have to make changes to other configs to do this. Also unclear to me whether there
was any upside at all to using schema.xml? Why degrade functionality? Does the capacity for
schema.xml only exist for backward compatibility?

If you want to run schema-less, you have to use managed-schema????? (I didn’t delve too
deep into this).

In the end, I used basic-config to create core and then hacked managed-schema from there.

I would have to say the "basic-config" seems distinctly more than basic. It is still a huge
file. I thought perhaps I could delete every unused field type, but worried there were some
"system" dependencies. Ie if you want *target type wildcard queries do you need to have text_general_reverse
and a copy to it? If you always explicitly set only defined fields in a custom indexer, then
can you dump the whole dynamic fields bit?
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