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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Problems executing boolean queries involving NOT clauses
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2017 03:39:10 GMT
What _exactly_ are you testing? It's unclear whether you're asking
about general Lucene/Solr syntax or some of the recent streaming SQL

On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 7:34 PM, Sundeep T <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using solr 6.3 version.
> We are seeing issues involving NOT clauses when they are paired in boolean expressions.
The issues specifically occur when the “NOT” clause is surrounded by paratheses.
> For example, the following solr query does not return any results -
> (timestamp:[* TO "2017-08-17T07:12:55.807Z"]) AND (-text:"Daemon”)
> But if I remove the parantheses around the “NOT” clause for text param it returns
expected results. Like, the below query works as expected -
> (timestamp:[* TO "2017-08-17T07:12:55.807Z"]) AND -text:”Daemon”
> This problem seems to happen only for boolean expression queries. If i give a singular
query like below involving NOT with parantheses, it still works  -
> (-text:"Daemon”)
> I see that the parantheses around the expression is added in SQLVisitor class in these
lines. I tried removing the parantheses for NOT case and the code works.
>             case NOT_EQUAL:
>                 buf.append('-').append(field).append(":").append(value);
>                 return null;
> Any ideas what’s going on here and why parantheses are causing an issue?
> Thanks
> Sundeep

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