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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Grouping and result pagination
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2017 15:07:12 GMT
I think the answer is that you have to co-locate the docs with the
same value you're grouping by on the same shard whether in SolrCloud
or not...

Hmmm: from:

"group.ngroups and group.facet require that all documents in each
group must be co-located on the same shard in order for accurate
counts to be returned."


On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 8:00 AM, Shawn Heisey <> wrote:
> We use pagination (start/rows) frequently with our queries.  Nothing
> unusual there.
> Now we have need to use grouping with a request like this, for a
> set-mode search, where only one document from each set is returned:
> We've worked through most of the problems encountered with this idea.
> The first page of results works perfectly.
> The remaining problem is that I cannot seem to paginate -- set the start
> value to 50, 100, etc.  I found some information saying that
> group.ngroups=true is required for pagination, so I added that.  I have
> found that occasionally I can load page two (rows=50&start=50), but that
> *most* of the time, I can't even get page two to load, and further pages
> have never worked.  The response contains no documents.
> The index is distributed (sharded), but not running SolrCloud.
> The server where I am trying this is running a SNAPSHOT build of 4.9.  I
> haven't had an opportunity yet to try a newer version -- we don't have
> newer versions on any of the machines for this index.  I can only
> upgrade as far as 5.3, because that's as far as we can go with a
> third-party plugin we are using.
> I found the following issue, which says it was fixed before 4.0 was
> released:
> Does anyone know whether pagination with grouping is expected to work,
> and if so, how to do it?
> Thanks,
> Shawn

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