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From Alexandre Rafalovitch <>
Subject Re: Licensing issue advice for Solr.
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 19:53:26 GMT
There is no official build with minimal Solr configuration. Some
downstream projects may do so, but we don't keep track of their
installation specifics.

If it is an issue with contrib directory I would think you should be
able to just not use it or even delete it.

As to the searching, you've already been shown Markmail. There is also

---- - Resources for Solr users, new and experienced

On 24 March 2017 at 13:53,  <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm just getting started with Solr (6.4.2) and am trying to get approval for usage in
my workplace.
> I know that the product in general is licensed as Apache 2.0, but unfortunately there
are packages
> included in the build that are considered "non-permissive" by my company and as such,
means that
> I am having trouble getting things approved.
> It appears that the vast majority of the licensing issues are within the contrib directory.
I know these
> provide significant functionality for Solr, but I was wondering if there is an official
build that contains
> just the Solr and Lucene server distribution (minus demos and contrib). Some of the packages
> dual licensed so I am able to deal with that by selecting which we wish to use, but there
are some
> that are either not licensed at all or are only non-permissive (ie: not Apache, BSD,
MIT, etc.) like
> GPL, CDDL, etc.
> Has anyone had to deal with this in the past. My apologies if this has been discussed
before, but
> it doesn't appear that the mail list archive has a search option (correct me if I'm wrong
on that).
> Thanks

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