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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Problems with stored/not-stored field filter queries
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2017 16:43:00 GMT
On 1/24/2017 8:29 AM, Stanislav Sandalnikov wrote:
> With indexed but not stored IndexDate field:
> 1) With this query everything works fine, I’m getting the results back:
> /select?fl=taskid,docid,score&q=*:*&fq=((((category:"Security")))+AND+(datasource:(sites)))&fq={!frange+l%3D0}query($q)&sort=IndexDate+desc&rows=100&start=0
> 2) With this query I get nothing:
> /select?fl=taskid,docid,score&q=*:*&fq=((((category:"Security")))+AND+(datasource:(sites))+AND+(IndexDate:[NOW/DAY-27DAYS+TO+NOW/DAY%2B1DAY]))&fq={!frange+l%3D0}query($q)&sort=IndexDate+desc&rows=100&start=0
> Document’s IndexDate fit specified timeframe for sure. 
> 3) With this query there is no category filter, but there is timeframe filter and everything
works fine:
> /select?fl=taskid,docid,score&q=*:*&fq=((datasource:(sites))+AND+(IndexDate:[NOW/DAY-27DAYS+TO+NOW/DAY%2B1DAY]))&fq={!frange+l%3D0}query($q)&sort=IndexDate+desc&rows=100&start=0

It sounds like there are no documents that fit all three conditions --
the correct datasource, the correct category, AND that date range.

> Then I decided that it might be related to IndexDate as it is not stored. I reindexed
data with stored IndexDate field and now query number 2 works just fine.

Whether or not a field is stored does not affect searches, only which
fields are returned in the results.  My guess is that when you do this
reindex, there's some difference, so different information is being sent
to Solr and incorporated into the index.  There is also the possibility
that when you change the schema, that the changes are not limited to the
"stored" parameter on one field.  If you are changing the "type"
parameter for the field, the effect may be larger than you realize.

When you find that the search doesn't work, check the schema browser for
allthe fields used in your query, and load the top N terms on each one. 
You may find that there aren't any terms to load for some reason, or
that the terms that get loaded are not compatible with the part of the
query which is being done for that field.  The term info that the schema
browser shows is not be affected by whether or not the field is stored. 
Also in the schema browser, check all the settings for those fields when
it's working compared to when it's not working.  There may be a
difference other than the "stored" checkbox.

Here's a schema browser screenshot with terms loaded from a field that
would be compatible with your date range query:

This screenshot comes from version 6.3.0 running in standalone mode.

If everything appears to be correct on your system when it's not working
compared to when it is working, then a bug is always a possibility, but
a bug like that would affect a LOT of people.  This list would have
heard from those people on the problem.  Such a bug should also get
caught by the numerous tests that are part of the Lucene/Solr source
code, tests that are frequently run by automated systems and Solr
developers working on the code.

Although your question did include more information than many do, it was
missing a number of important details.  Some of the more important
pieces are the version of Solr and concrete information from your


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