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From Emir Arnautovic <>
Subject Re: including dependency jars for SOLR plugins
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2016 18:51:59 GMT
Hi Vinay,

You need to include libs using lib directives in Solr config:


On 29.12.2016 19:11, Vinay B, wrote:
> I'm modifying out custom update handler and the modifications needs access
> to a third party jar (microsoft azure).
> For what it's worth, I use mvn as my build / packaging tool.
> During runtime, I've been encountering class not found errors in the plugin
> related to the azure library.
> 1. Is there something / some special place to place the azure jars so the
> PLUGIN can access the azure classes? I tried putting the azure jar in the
> tomcat/lib , WEB_INF/lib and also beside the plugin jar in the
> updatehandler/lib directory . Just to be clear, the update handler itself
> works fine. It's just the enhancements to support azure that result in
> class not found errors
> 2. I managed to make things work by including all dependencies but that has
> bloated the plugin size significantly to over 70 MB. Is this the only way?
> See an example of this approach at

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