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From Yago Riveiro <>
Subject Re: Uncaught exception java.lang.StackOverflowError in 6.3.0
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2016 22:22:34 GMT
bq: "That is really a job for streaming, not simple faceting.”

True, it’s the next step to improve our performance (right now we are using JSON facets),
and 6.3.0 has a lot of useful tools to work with streaming expressions. Our last release before
6.3 was 5.3.1 and the streaming expressions were buggy in some scenarios.

bq: "Okay. You could create a new collection with the wanted amount of shards and do a full
re-index into that.”

True, you are right but we are trying to avoid that (this point falls into “keep management

Solr it’s a amazing tool, with a lack of auto magic management stuff. You have all the power
and therefore all the work :p

Following your advices I will try to review the topology of my collection and try to point
the oversharded collections.


/Yago Riveiro

On 27 Dec 2016 21:54 +0000, Toke Eskildsen <>, wrote:
> Yago Riveiro <> wrote:
> > One thing that I forget to mention is that my clients can aggregate
> > by any field in the schema with limit=-1, this is not a problem with
> > 99% of the fields, but 2 or 3 of them are URLs. URLs has very
> > high cardinality and one of the reasons to sharding collections is
> > to lower the memory footprint to not blow the node and do the
> > last merge in a big machine.
> That is really a job for streaming, not simple faceting.
> Even if you insist on faceting, the problem remains that your merger needs to be powerful
enough to process the full result set. Using that machine with a single shard collection instead
would eliminate the excessive overhead of doing distributed faceting on millions of values,
sparing a lot of hardware allocation, which could be used to beef up the single-shard hardware
even more.
> [Toke: You can always split later]
> > Every time I run the SPLITSHARD command, the command fails
> > in a different way. IMHO right now Solr doesn’t have an efficient
> > way to rebalance collection’s shard.
> Okay. You coul create a new collection with the wanted amount of shards and do a full
re-index into that.
> [Toke: "And yes, more logistics on your part as one size no longer fits all”]
> > The key point of this deploy is reduce the amount of management
> > as much as possible,
> That is your prerogative. I hope my suggestions can be used by other people with similar
challenges then.
> - Toke Eskildsen

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