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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: How many versions do you stay behind in production for better stability ?
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2016 22:28:16 GMT
On 11/17/2016 12:25 AM, Dorian Hoxha wrote:
> I see that there is a new release on every lucene release. Do you
> always use the latest version since it may have bugs (ex most
> cassandra productions are old compared to latest `stable` version
> because they're not stable). How much behind do you usually stay ?
> (ex: 6.3 just came out, and you need to be in production after 1
> month, will you upgrade on dev if you don't need any new feature?) 

Each new release is considered stable.  The stable branch (currently
branch_6x) is used to create a minor version branch, and the minor
version branch is used to build and tag the release.  Strong efforts are
made in both Lucene and Solr code to ensure that the stable branch lives
up to its name.  This isn't always successful, but it IS a goal.  The
master branch, currently building 7.0-SNAPSHOT, is the playground for
potentially unstable changes.

As for what I have running:  I try to stay current in my dev
environment, but due to compatibility issues with a third-party plugin
we are using, I usually can't.

I don't have any specific restrictions on being X versions back in
production.  Production gets upgraded on the secondaries first.  I will
typically only upgrade primary production, and not to the latest
release, when the following are all true:

* The version in question has run without trouble on the dev server.
* The staging environments successfully use the dev server.
* We have support for the version in the third-party plugin.

Because the secondaries are upgraded before the primaries, we have the
ability to quickly switch between the versions by disabling the
primaries and letting the load balancers shift the traffic.

This whole process can take a while, as you might imagine.  Our primary
production servers are still running 4.x versions.  The secondaries and
the dev server are running 5.x.

The particular version that we have in dev (5.3.2-SNAPSHOT) is a version
that has known performance regressions compared to 4.x, so I am not in a
hurry on this cycle to upgrade.  I'm waiting for the third-party plugin
to support something newer.


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