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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Apache Solr Question
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2016 13:57:16 GMT
On 11/3/2016 2:49 AM, Chien Nguyen wrote:
> Hi everyone! I'm a newbie in using Apache Solr. I've read some
> documents about it. But i can't answer some questions. 

Second reply, so I'm aiming for more detail. 

> 1. How many documents Solr can search at a moment??

A *single* Solr index has Lucene's limitation of slightly more than 2
billion documents.  This is part of the problem solved by SolrCloud.  By
throwing multiple machines/shards at the problem, there is effectively
no limit to the size of a SolrCloud collection.  I have encountered
someone who has a collection with five billion documents in it.

That 2 billion document limit I mentioned, which is Java's
Integer.MAX_VALUE, is the ONLY hard limit that I know of in the
software, and only applies when the index is not sharded.

> 2. Can Solr index the media data??

I have no idea what you meant here, but if you mean metadata, Solr most
likely can handle it.  If you meant actual media, like an image, I
believe there is a binary field type that you can even store a full
source document in, but that is not normally the way Solr is used, and I
don't recommend it.

> 3. What's the max size of document that Solr can index??? 

I don't think there is a limit.  I think there are some limits on the
number and size of individual terms, but not on the total size of a
document.  If documents get particularly large and numerous, performance
might suffer, but I am not aware of any total size limitations.


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