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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Custom .... - Web toolkit for developing Solr Client application
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2016 13:53:15 GMT
On 11/7/2016 3:31 AM, wrote:
> Thanks all for providing help to my previous question. I make my question
> generic to make it more clear.
> I have developed index with Lucene/Solr and can search the indexed data
> using Solr 'browse'. This interface provides some of the functionality for
> my client application
> I do understand that it is not advisable to use this interface for a web
> site due to security concerns.
> My question is :
> Are there any web tool kits available for developing Solr based web client
> applications. I need the following features:
> 1) User authentication
> 2) Search from one or more fields
> 3) Search term highlighting
> 4) Graphical view of the search results (month wise popularity index of 

There are Solr clients available for many different programming
languages.  Only one of those clients (SolrJ, a client for Java) is
produced by the project, all others are third-party projects.  SolrJ is
actually more than just a client -- it's part of Solr itself.

Here's a list of clients, probably not complete:

These clients do not concern themselves with creating web pages, but
there are other libraries for the listed programming languages which ARE
designed to make creating web pages easier.  You can combine a Solr
client with one or more of those libraries, and write a complete
application.  You also have the option of just incorporating a client
for HTTP, and building all of the HTTP calls to Solr yourself.  That is
a huge amount of work, and not something that I recommend.

If you need assistance building your application and are willing to pay
for that assistance, you can find quite a lot of resources with a google
search for "solr consulting", and the Solr wiki has a list of companies
that provide support for Solr.  Some of these companies also do consulting:

There are many open source examples of code that interfaces to Solr and
creates a web page.  Solr support is available for lots of well-known
web products, like WordPress, Drupal, and so on.


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