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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Filter response for lukerequest handler [SOLR 6.1.0]
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2016 15:01:01 GMT
On 10/14/2016 1:36 PM, slee wrote:
> I have read the following documentation outline here:  LukeRequestHandler
> <>  
> The response always comes back as:
> What I want is just to have the response output as followed:
> I have a use-case where I have well over 100 dynamic fields, which could
> possibly grow. On the UI side, I would give them a text-box with look-ahead
> search that binds to this dynamic fields.
> <> 
> Can this be done via the given LukeRequestHandler api?

You'll notice that your XML isn't in what got quoted above.  This is
because Nabble did not send it to the mailing list.  By clicking on the
URL at the bottom of your message that Nabble inserted for you, I was
able to go to the Nabble site and see what you included.

In order to get an abbreviated response like you want (where all detail
info for each field is left out), a new feature, probably a new
parameter on the Luke handler, will be needed.  This makes it an
enhancement request, which you can file in the Jira issue tracker.  Once
it's filed, you would need to wait for a committer to accept the
request, wait for it to be implemented, and then also wait for the next
version of Solr to be released after the implementation is complete.  It
might take a very long time - assuming it happens at all.  Not all
feature requests are implemented.

Note that if you're using a library (either XML or Solr) to parse the
result, the client code would likely be the same now as it would be if
your idea is implemented.  Manual parsing of well-known structured
formats in user code is not something I would recommend, when there are
libraries available for common languages to do it for you.


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