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From Emir Arnautovic <>
Subject Re: display filter based on existence of facet
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2016 11:34:42 GMT
Hi Derek,

Not sure if there is some shortcut but you could try setting 
facet.sort=index and for sure use facet.limit=1.


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On 10.08.2016 09:32, Derek Poh wrote:
> I have a couple of filtersthat is text input based, where user will 
> input a value into the text boxes of these filters.
> The condition is these filters will only be display if the facets 
> exists in the search result.
> Eg. Min Order Qty filter will be displayif theMin Order Qty facet 
> exists in thesolr result.
> To display this filter, I only need to'know' there is value to filter on.
> Currentlyall the possible terms and counts of the Min Order Qty field 
> is return for this facet.
> Any suggestions on how I can avoid the computation of the possible 
> terms and their countsfor the facet fieldand hence reduce the 
> computational time of the query?
> I just need to know there is'a value to filter on'.
> This is the parameters of the query that is use to display the list of 
> filters.
> group.field=P_SupplierId&group=true&group.facet=true&start=0&rows=0&q=coffee&fq=P_SupplierSource:(1)&facet=true&facet.mincount=1&facet.field=P_CNState&facet.field=P_BusinessType&facet.field=P_CombinedBusTypeFlat&facet.field=P_CombinedCompCertFlat&facet.field=P_CombinedExportCountryFlat&facet.field=P_CombinedProdCertFlat&facet.field=P_Country&facet.field=P_CSFParticipant&facet.field=P_FOBPriceMinFlag&facet.field=P_FOBPriceMaxFlag&facet.field=P_HasAuditInfo&facet.field=P_HasCreditInfo&facet.field=P_LeadTime&facet.field=P_Microsite&facet.field=P_MinOrderQty&facet.field=P_MonthlyCapacityFlag&facet.field=P_OEMServices&facet.field=P_PSEParticipant&facet.field=P_SupplierRanking&facet.field=P_SupplierUpcomingTradeShow&facet.field=P_YearsInBusiness&facet.field=P_SmallOrderFlag

> Using solr 4.10.4
> Thankyou,
> Derek
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