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From tedsolr <>
Subject Re: Can a MergeStrategy filter returned docs?
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2016 14:56:23 GMT
I don't see any field level data exposed in the SolrDocumentList I get from
shardResponse.getSolrResponse().getResponse().get("response"). I see the
unique ID field and value. Is that by design or am I being stupid?

Separate but related question: the mergIds() method in the merge strategy
class - when TRUE the developer is taking responsibility for the document
merge, when FALSE it looks like the QueryComponent puts all the results in a
sorted queue and removes the "extras" - right? When rows=3 each shard
returns 3 docs, but the user only wants 3 total not 3 per shard. So, if I
set mergeIds=FALSE I won't have to resort the docs, just eliminate the dupes

Joel Bernstein wrote
> Collapse will have dups unless you use the _route_ parameter to co-locate
> documents with the same group, onto the same shard.
> In you're scenario, co-locating docs sounds like it won't work because you
> may have different grouping criteria.
> The doc counts would be inflated unless you sent all the documents from
> the
> shards to be merged and then de-duped them, which is how streaming
> operates. But streaming has the capability to do these types of operations
> in parallel and the merge strategy does not.

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