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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: Are there issues with the use of SolrCloud / embedded Zookeeper in non-HA deployments?
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2016 17:00:45 GMT
I can certainly that external Zookeepers get _waaay_ more testing/use
than embedded. While I don't know of any _specific_ issues, embedded
is largely intended for ease of first use.

I think my argument would be that in the case where you have a
customer migrating from one node to many, if you _already_ have an
external ZK then that transition would be much easier. Even if the
external ZK is just another Java program running on the same physical


On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 8:44 AM, Markus Jelsma
<> wrote:
> Hello - all our production environments as deployed as a cloud, even when just a single
Solr instance is used. We did this for the purpose having a single method of deployment /
provisioning and just because we have the option to add replica's with ease if we need to.
> We never use embedded Zookeeper.
> Markus
> -----Original message-----
>> From:Andy C <>
>> Sent: Thursday 28th July 2016 17:38
>> To:
>> Subject: Are there issues with the use of SolrCloud / embedded Zookeeper in non-HA
>> We have integrated Solr 5.3.1 into our product. During installation
>> customers have the option of setting up a single Solr instance, or for high
>> availability deployments, multiple Solr instances in a master/slave
>> configuration.
>> We are looking at migrating to SolrCloud for HA deployments, but are
>> wondering if it makes sense to also use SolrCloud in non-HA deployments?
>> Our thought is that this would simplify things. We could use the same
>> approach for deploying our schema.xml and other configuration files on all
>> systems, we could always use the SolrJ CloudSolrClient class to communicate
>> with Solr, etc.
>> Would it make sense to use the embedded Zookeeper instance in this
>> situation? I have seen warning that the embedded Zookeeper should not be
>> used in production deployments, but the reason generally given is that if
>> Solr goes down Zookeeper will also go down, which doesn't seem relevant
>> here. Are there other reasons not to use the embedded Zookeeper?
>> More generally, are there downsides to using SolrCloud with a single
>> Zookeeper node and single Solr node?
>> Would appreciate any feedback.
>> Thanks,
>> Andy

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