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From Renaud Delbru <>
Subject Re: CDCR (Solr6.x) does not start
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2016 12:55:07 GMT
Hi Uwe,

At first look, your configuration seems correct,
see my comments below.

On 28/06/16 15:36, Uwe Reh wrote:
> 9. Start CDCR
> http://SOURCE:s_port/solr/scoll/cdcr?action=start&wt=json
>> {"responseHeader":{"status":0,"QTime":13},"status":["process","started","buffer","enabled"]}
> ! (not even a single query to the target's zookeeper ??)

Indeed, you should have observed a communication between the source 
cluster and the target zookeeper. Do you see any errors in the log of 
the source cluster ? Or a log message such as:
"Unable to instantiate the log reader for target collection ..."

> 10. Enter some test data into the SOURCE
> 11. Explicit commit in SOURCE
> http://SOURCE:s_port/solr/scoll/update?commit=true&opensearcher=true
> !! (at least now there should be some traffic, or?)

Replication should start even if no commit has been sent to the source 

> 12. Check errors and queues
> http://SOURCE:s_port/solr/scoll_shard1_replica1/cdcr?action=queues&wt=json
>> {"responseHeader":{"status":0,"QTime":0},"queues":[],"tlogTotalSize":135,"tlogTotalCount":1,"updateLogSynchronizer":"stopped"}
> http://SOURCE:s_port/solr/scoll_shard1_replica1/cdcr?action=errors&wt=json
>> {"responseHeader":{"status":0,"QTime":0},"errors":[]}
> ! Why is the element queues is empty

The empty queue seems to indicate there is an issue, and that cdcr was 
unable to instantiate the replicator for the target cluster.
Just to be sure, your source cluster has 4 shards, but not replica ? If 
it has replicas, can you ensure that you execute these command on the 
shard leader.

Kind Regards
Renaud Delbru

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