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From Rallavagu <>
Subject solr.NRTCachingDirectoryFactory
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2016 15:18:47 GMT
Solr 5.4.1 with embedded jetty with cloud enabled

We have a Solr deployment (approximately 3 million documents) with both 
write and search operations happening. We have a requirement to have 
updates available immediately (NRT). Configured with default 
"solr.NRTCachingDirectoryFactory" for directory factory. Considering the 
fact that every time there is an update, caches are invalidated and 
re-built I assume that "solr.NRTCachingDirectoryFactory" would memory 
map index files so "reading from disk" will be as simple and quick as 
reading from memory hence would not incur any significant performance 
degradation. Am I right in my assumption? We have allocated significant 
amount of RAM (48G total physical memory, 12G heap, Total index disk 
size is 15G) but not sure if I am seeing the optimal QTimes (for 
searches). Any inputs are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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