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From Charlie Hull <>
Subject Re: Bypassing ExtractingRequestHandler
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2016 08:22:04 GMT
On 10/06/2016 02:20, Justin Lee wrote:
> Has anybody had any experience bypassing ExtractingRequestHandler and
> simply managing Tika manually?  I want to make a small modification to Tika
> to get and save additional data from my PDFs, but I have been
> procrastinating in no small part due to the unpleasant prospect of setting
> up a development environment where I could compile and debug modifications
> that might run through PDFBox, Tika, and ExtractingRequestHandler.  It
> occurs to me that it would be much easier if the two were separate, so I
> could have direct control over Tika and just submit the text to Solr after
> extraction.  Am I going to regret this approach?  I'm not sure what
> ExtractingRequestHandler really does for me that Tika doesn't already do.

We tend to prefer running Tika externally as it's entirely possible that 
Tika will crash or hang with certain files - and that will bring down 
Solr if you're running Tika within it. Here's a Dropwizard wrapper 
around Tika that might be of use:


> Also, I was reading this
> <>
> stackoverflow entry and someone offhandedly mentioned that
> ExtractingRequestHandler might be separated in the future anyway. Is there
> a public roadmap for the project, or does one have to keep up with the
> developer's mailing list and hunt through JIRA entries to keep up with the
> pulse of the project?
> Thanks,
> Justin

Charlie Hull
Flax - Open Source Enterprise Search

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