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From "Kostas" <>
Subject Beginer's questions
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2016 10:36:01 GMT


I have a ton of questions that I could use some answers.

If someone can answer some of them it would be great.


1)      I had problems making my Solr 6.1 setup use a fixed collection
schema. When I placed the schema.xml file in the filesystem as shown here
1600/croppedLargeFontSolrDirectoryStructure.jpg>  my Solr installation used
to become corrupt (you cannot imagine how much time I've spent on this
thing). Later I came across this
<>  and
<> . I
have done what it said (I have uploaded the complete configuration onto
ZooKeeper and then used it in a new collection) and it worked. So, is this
the new way of configuring a collection? I thought ZK was only used for high
scalability. If I run my Solr NOT in cloud mode, I would still have to use
the same method?

2)      Is it bad to run Solr in cloud mode, even if you don't need high
scalability? Because I have configured it to run like that (cloud mode) and
I don't know if it will have any side-effects. I don't think I need high
scalability anyway.

3)      When using only 1 core, 1 collection, 1 node, 1 shard (and I have
not yet cleared out all these terms by the way, even by looking at the
definitions for hours.) can Solr process incoming requests both for querying
and for posting new data in a multithreaded manner? I think the answer here
is yes, but it would be nice of you could confirm that to me.

4)      I have tried to move the cores folder (SOLR_HOME) out of the default
location using the `` (I am on Windows) file by setting this:
set SOLR_HOME="F:\Users\me\Downloads\solr-6.1.0\solr-home"
I was expecting this to work out of the box, but turns out it doesn't. The
admin UI didn't seem to work quite well with that setting in place. If I
remember well, it failed when I tried to add a new core.
Am I missing something there? I generally start my Solr like that:
solr start -c -Dsolr.ssl.checkPeerName=false

5)      I have tried to setup SSL on the Solr server. I have followed the
steps here <> ,
and I have updated  `` with all the settings. It didn't seem to
work (for some reason it didn't get the password correctly) and I had to put
the settings inside `server/etc/jetty.xml` to make it work. Have I missed
anything there? Seems like whatever I put in `` is ignored or
something. The weird thing is that I have tried to use the options when
starting Solr too and they didn't seem to work:

solr start -c -Dsolr.ssl.checkPeerName=false

6)      If I want my client to use its own certificate that the Solr server
will validate before executing any queries, can I do that? I see the
examples here:
where you seem to put cUrl use the server's certificate as a client
certificate (that's what I understand at least). Shouldn't the client have
its own certificate that the server should trust? And, also, I have tried
using the client without any client certificates and the server accepts him.
Why do you feed cUrl with a certificate if that is not needed and is there a
way to make Solr validate the client certificate with a whitelist or
something similar?

7)      The section `Run SolrCloud with SSL` here:
nSolrCloudwithSSL , seems weird to me because I don't see what it has to do
with SSL (maybe apart from the  `-Dsolr.ssl.checkPeerName=false` option).
Why does it make two nodes there? Do you have to make two nodes to setup SSL
on cloud mode?!?! As far as I see the -s option has nothing to do with SSL
either. So what does this section demonstrate? I am already running Solr in
cloud mode (using the -c option) with SSL enabled and I didn't have to do
any of those!



That was most of it. J

Thanks for your patience and any feedback would be welcome (I hope I have
not missed too much and I am totally out of topic),



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