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From "Davis, Daniel (NIH/NLM) [C]" <>
Subject RE: Using updateRequest Processor with DIH
Date Mon, 02 May 2016 16:01:40 GMT
I don't know whether that works; but you can use the ScriptTransformer with DIH to achieve
similar results.
I've only used JavaScript (Rhino) scripts, but they worked for me.   

More recently, I've found that most of my transformations can be accomplished with the TemplateTransformer.

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From: Jay Potharaju [] 
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2016 1:39 AM
Subject: Using updateRequest Processor with DIH

I was wondering if it is possible to use Update Request Processor with DIH.
I would like to update an index_time field whenever documents are added/updated in the collection.
I know that I could easily pass a time stamp which would update the field in my collection
but I was trying to do it using Request processor.

I tried the following but got an error. Any recommendations on how to use this correctly?

<processor class="solr.TimestampUpdateProcessorFactory"
    <str name="fieldName">index_time</str> </processor>

<requestHandler name="/dataimport" class="solr.DataImportHandler"> <lst name="defaults">
  <str name="config">data-config.xml</str>
    <str name="update.chain">update_indextime</str>

Error from server at unknown UpdateRequestProcessorChain: update_indextime

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