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From Hendrik Haddorp <>
Subject Re: SolrCloud increase replication factor
Date Mon, 23 May 2016 17:46:59 GMT
What I find odd is that creating a collection with a replication factor
greater then 1 does seem to not end up with replicas on the same node.
However when one wants to add replicas later on one need to do the whole
placement manually to avoid single point of failures.

On 23/05/16 15:28, Tom Evans wrote:
> On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 10:37 AM, Hendrik Haddorp
> <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a SolrCloud 6.0 setup and created my collection with a
>> replication factor of 1. Now I want to increase the replication factor
>> but would like the replicas for the same shard to be on different nodes,
>> so that my collection does not fail when one node fails. I tried two
>> approaches so far:
>> 1) When I use the collections API with the MODIFYCOLLECTION action [1] I
>> can set the replication factor but that did not result in the creation
>> of additional replicas. The Solr Admin UI showed that my replication
>> factor changed but otherwise nothing happened. A reload of the
>> collection did also result in no change.
>> 2) Using the ADDREPLICA action [2] from the collections API I have to
>> add the replicas to the shard individually, which is a bit more
>> complicated but otherwise worked. During testing this did however at
>> least once result in the replica being created on the same node. My
>> collection was split in 4 shards and for 2 of them all replicas ended up
>> on the same node.
>> So is the only option to create the replicas manually and also pick the
>> nodes manually or is the perceived behavior wrong?
>> regards,
>> Hendrik
>> [1]
>> [2]
> With ADDREPLICA, you can specify the node to create the replica on. If
> you are using a script to increase/remove replicas, you can simply
> incorporate the logic you desire in to your script - you can also use
> CLUSTERSTATUS to get a list of nodes/collections/shards etc in order
> to inform the logic in the script. This is the approach we took, we
> have a fabric script to add/remove extra nodes to/from the cluster, it
> works well.
> The alternative is to put the logic in to Solr itself, using what Solr
> calls a "snitch" to define the rules on where replicas are created.
> The snitch is specified at collection creation time, or you can use
> MODIFYCOLLECTION to set it after the fact. See this wiki patch for
> details:
> Cheers
> Tom

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