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From Sam Xia <>
Subject Re: SolrCloud Config file
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2016 00:40:44 GMT
Thanks Shawn.

Where is the path of topic collection zookeeper config file? Here is from 
wiki (see below). But I was not able to find configs/topic anywhere in the 
installation folder. 

"The create command will upload a copy of the data_driven_schema_configs 
configuration directory to ZooKeeper under /configs/mycollection. Refer to 
the Solr Start Script Reference 
ce> page for more details about the create command for creating 

Here is the command that I run and verify zookeeper is in port 8983. BTW, 
I did not modify anything and the Solr is a clean install so I do not know 
why Python is used in the script. The error looks to me that the config 
folder was not created at first command. So when you try to update it, it 
gets an IO error.

./solr status

Found 2 Solr nodes: 

Solr process 30976 running on port 7574
  "version":"6.0.0 48c80f91b8e5cd9b3a9b48e6184bd53e7619e7e3 - nknize - 
2016-04-01 14:41:49",
  "uptime":"0 days, 0 hours, 51 minutes, 43 seconds",
  "memory":"93.2 MB (%19) of 490.7 MB",

Solr process 30791 running on port 8983
  "version":"6.0.0 48c80f91b8e5cd9b3a9b48e6184bd53e7619e7e3 - nknize - 
2016-04-01 14:41:49",
  "uptime":"0 days, 0 hours, 51 minutes, 49 seconds",
  "memory":"78.9 MB (%16.1) of 490.7 MB",

If you run the following steps, you would be able to reproduce the issue 
every time.

Step 1) bin/solr start -e cloud -noprompt
Step 2) bin/solr create -c topic -d sample_techproducts_configs
Step 3) ./ -cmd upconfig -zkhost localhost:9983 -confname topic 
-solrhome /locm/solr-5.5.0/ -confdir 

On 4/11/16, 5:29 PM, "Shawn Heisey" <> wrote:

>On 4/11/2016 4:59 PM, Sam Xia wrote:
>> Solr is installed in /locm/solr-5.5.0/ folder
>> 1) First I create a topic connection with the following command:
>> bin/solr create -c topic -d topic_configs_ori
>> But there is no folder name topc in 
>>/locm/solr-5.5.0/server/solr/configsets/topic after the above commend.
>This command does not change anything in configsets.  Since you are in
>cloud mode, it will copy that configset from the indicated directory
>(topic_configs_ori) to zookeeper, to a config named "topic" -- assuming
>that this config does not already exist in zookeeper.  If the named
>config already exists in zookeeper, then it will be used as-is, and not
>updated.  When not in cloud mode, it behaves a little differently, but
>still would not create anything in configsets.
>> I got the following error:
>> ./ -cmd upconfig -zkhost localhost:9983 -confname topic 
>>-solrhome /locm/solr-5.5.0/ -confdir 
>> Exception in thread "main" Error uploading file 
>> to zookeeper path /configs/topic/
>> Caused by: 
>>KeeperErrorCode = ConnectionLoss for /configs/topic/
>The stacktrace from the "caused by" exception indicates that the zkcli
>command is trying to create the "/configs/topic/" path in the
>zookeeper database and is having a problem connecting to zookeeper.  Are
>you positive that "localhost:9983" is the correct connection string, and
>that there is an active zookeeper server listening on that port?  FYI:
>The embedded zookeeper server should not be used in production.
>Side issue:  I'm curious why you have a python script in your config. 
>Nothing explicitly wrong with that, it's just an odd thing to feed to a
>Java program like Solr.
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