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From Bastien Latard - MDPI AG <>
Subject Cache problem
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2016 13:39:14 GMT
Dear Solr experts :),

I read this very interesting post 'Understanding and tuning your Solr 
caches <>' !
This is the only good document that I was able to find after searching 
for 1 day!

/I was using Solr for 2 years without knowing in details what it was 
caching...(because I did not need to understand it before).//
//I had to take a look since I needed to restart (regularly) my tomcat 
in order to improve performances.../

But I now have 2 questions:
1) *How can I know how much RAM is my solr using* *in real* (especially 
for caching)?
2) Could you have a quick look into the following images and tell me if 
I'm doing something wrong?

Note: my index contains 66 millions of articles with several text fields 

/My solr contains several cores (all together are ~80Gb big), but almost 
only the one below is used./

I have the feeling that a lot of data is always stored in RAM...and 
getting bigger and bigger all the time...

(after restart)
/$ sudo tail -f /var/log/tomcat7/catalina.out | grep GC/

[...] after a few minutes

Here are some images, that can show you some stats about my Solr 

Kind regards,
Bastien Latard

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