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From Emir Arnautovic <>
Subject Re: Spatial Search on Postal Code
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2016 13:08:00 GMT
Hi Manohar,
This depends on your requirements/usecase. If postal code is interpreted 
as point than it is expected to have radius that is significantly larger 
than postal code diameter. In such case you can go with first approach. 
In order to avoid missing results from postal code in case of small 
search radius and large postal code, you can reverse geocode records and 
store postal code with each document.
If you need to handle distance from postal code precisely - distance 
from its border, you have to get postal code polygon, expand it by 
search distance and use resulting polygon to find matches.


On 04.03.2016 13:09, Manohar Sripada wrote:
> Here's my requirement -  User enters postal code and provides the radius. I
> need to find the records with in the radius from the provided postal code.
> There are few ways I thought through after going through the "Spatial
> Search" Solr wiki
> 1. As Latitude and Longitude positions are required for spatial search. Get
> Latitude Longitude position (may be using GeoCoding API) of a postal code
> and use "LatLonType" field type and query accordingly. As the GeoCoding API
> returns one point and if the postal code area is too big, then I may end up
> not getting any results (apart from the records from the same postal code)
> if the radius provided is small.
> 2. Get the latitude longitude points of the postal code which forms a
> border (not sure yet on how to get) and build a polygon (using RPT). While
> querying use this polygon and provide the distance. Can this be achieved?
> Or Am I ruminating too much? :(
> Appreciate any help on this.
> Thanks

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