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From Jan Høydahl <>
Subject Re: ExtendedDisMax configuration nowhere to be found
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2016 22:44:41 GMT
We have a huge backlog of stale pages which should really just point to the
I replaced the eDisMax and DisMax pages with a simple link to the ref guide, since they do
not provide any added value.

Jan Høydahl, search solution architect
Cominvent AS -

> 1. mar. 2016 kl. 01.10 skrev Alexandre Rafalovitch <>:
> On 29 February 2016 at 09:40,  <> wrote:
>> I have no problem with automatic. It is "automagicall" stuff that I find a bit hard
to like. Ie things that are automatic, but doesn't explain how and why they are automatic.
But Disney Land and Disney World are actually really good examples of places where the magic
stuff is suitable, ie in themeparks, designed mostly for kids. In the grown up world of IT,
most people prefer logical and documented stuff, not things that "just works" without explaining
why. No offence :)
> I agree. Especially after 3 years of technical support for a large
> commercial product, I understand the price of 'automagical'. Solr does
> have a bit of that. And latest 5.x Solr is even more automagical, so
> when things work - it is fabulous. When they do not - it is a bit
> mysterious.
> My solution was to document the learning and creating the resource
> site for others, which has been quite popular (
> ).
> I also wrote a book specifically for beginners bringing together
> different parts of documentation to explain the automagical parts.
> . It covered the latest (at the time) Solr 4.3. I no longer recommend
> it to anybody on Solr 5, but you may still find it useful for Solr
> 4.6. Unfortunately, all my discount codes are no longer valid :-(
> I am also working on some additional material both for beginners and
> advanced users that will be announced on my Solr Start mailing list as
> well as writing individual pieces on my blog (e.g.
> ).
> In reality, automagical stuff is explained. Problem is that it is
> explained on Wiki vs. Reference Guide vs. Individual blogs vs. Solr
> Revolution videos vs. ....... The discovery of information is a
> significant problem for Solr, just like it is for any open source
> project.
> Regards,
>   Alex.
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