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From Maulin Rathod <>
Subject RE: Solr Configuration (Caching & RAM) for performance Tuning
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2016 07:01:43 GMT
Adding extra information.

Our index size is around 120 GB (2 shard + 2 replica). 
We have 400 GB RAM on our windows server.  Solr is assigned 50 GB RAM.  So there is huge amount
of free RAM (>300 GB) is available for OS. 

We have very simple query which returns only 5 solr documents. Under load condition it takes
100 ms to  2000 ms. 

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From: Maulin Rathod 
Sent: 03 March 2016 12:24
Subject: RE: Solr Configuration (Caching & RAM) for performance Tuning

we do soft commit when we insert/update document.

//Insert Document

UpdateResponse resp = cloudServer.add(doc, 1000); if (resp.getStatus() == 0) {
	success = true;

//Update Document

UpdateRequest req = new UpdateRequest(); req.setCommitWithin(1000); req.add(docs); UpdateResponse
resp = req.process(cloudServer); if (resp.getStatus() == 0) {
	success = true;

Here is commit settings in solrconfig.xml.



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From: Binoy Dalal []
Sent: 03 March 2016 11:57
Subject: Re: Solr Configuration (Caching & RAM) for performance Tuning

1) Experiment with the autowarming settings in solrconfig.xml. Since in your case, you're
indexing so frequently consider setting the count to a low number, so that not a lot of time
is spent warming the caches.
Alternatively if you're not very big on initial query response times being small, you could
turn off auto warming all together.
Also how are your commit settings configured?
Do you do a hard commit every 10 seconds or do you have soft committing enabled?

2) 50Gb memory is way to high to assign to just solr and it is unnecessary.
Solr loads your index into the OS cache. The index is not held in the JVM heap.
So it is essential that your OS have enough free memory available to load the entire index.
Since you're only seeing about a 2gb use of your JVM memory, set your heap size to something
around 4gbs.

Also, how big is your index?

On Thu, 3 Mar 2016, 11:39 Maulin Rathod, <> wrote:

> Hi,
> We are using Solr 5.2 (on windows 2012 server/jdk 1.8) for document 
> content indexing/querying. We found that querying slows down 
> intermittently under load condition.
> In our analysis we found two issues.
> 1) Solr is not effectively using caching.
> Whenever new document indexed, it opens new searcher and hence cache 
> will become invalid (as cache was associated with old Index Searcher).
> In our scenario, new documents are indexed very frequently (at least
> 10 document are indexed per minute). So effectively cache will not be 
> useful as it will open new searcher frequently to make new documents available for searching.
> How can improve caching usage?
> 2) RAM is not utilized
> We observed that Solr is using only 1-2 GB of heap even though we have 
> assign 50 GB. Seems like it is not loading index into RAM which leads 
> to high IO. Is it possible to configure Solr to fully load indexes in memory?
> Don't find any documentation about this. How can we increase RAM usage 
> to improve Solr performance?
> Regards,
> Maulin
> [CC Award Winners 2015]
> --
Binoy Dalal
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