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From "Adel Mohamed Khalifa" <>
Subject RE: publish solr on galsshfish server
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2016 10:20:59 GMT
I build my webpage for searching and create a servlet for it but it is not

I using this Ajax for calling servlet :-

                url: contextPath + '/GetResults',
                data: {
                    qu: $("#query").val()
                dataType: 'json'
            }).done(function (result) {
//get the result on table

And on servlet I coded :-
SolrServer server = new
            ModifiableSolrParams params = new ModifiableSolrParams();
            String qqq = new
String(request.getParameter("qu").getBytes("ISO-8859-1"), "UTF-8");
            params.set("q", new
String(request.getParameter("qu").getBytes("ISO-8859-1"), "UTF-8"));
            params.set("rows", "30000");
            params.set("spellcheck", "on");
            params.set("", "true");
            params.set("wt", "json");
            params.set("indent", "true");
            QueryResponse res = server.query(params);
            SolrDocumentList results = res.getResults();
            Iterator i = results.iterator();
            request.setAttribute("size", results.size());
            String json = new Gson().toJson(res.getResults());
} catch (SolrServerException ex) {

It's break on SolrServer server = new
earchCore")); without any exception just stop.

Adel Khalifa 

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From: Upayavira [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2016 12:07 PM
Subject: Re: publish solr on galsshfish server

This is not recommended. It may work, and if it does, a future update to
Solr may stop it working, without warning.
Solr is to be considered its own app, to be run using its own embedded
servlet container, as this allows the project to manage its own
configuration and to test thoroughly that it works with a specific
Think of Solr much like you would any other app such as Mysql or Mongo.
You just install the app, not making it depend upon any other 'container'.
On Thu, 17 Mar 2016, at 09:54 AM, Adel Mohamed Khalifa wrote:
> Hello All,
> What is the requirement for installing solr on glassfish server, and 
> how can I do it?
> *Regards,
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