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From "Cario, Elaine" <>
Subject RE: solrconfig.xml - configuration scope
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2016 21:24:45 GMT
I know this is an old post, but I've seen the same behavior as well, specifically in setting
invariants.  We had 2 cores with different schema/solrconfig, but they both had a (differently
configured) request handler named /search.  The invariants set in one core leached into requests
for the other core.  I never drilled down further to see if it was because of the matching
request handler names, we just worked around the issue in some other way (which was a bit
of a hack and we're working on a better solution for the original problem we were trying solve,
in any case).  This was with 4.10.

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From: Erick Erickson [] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2015 3:09 PM
To: solr-user <>
Subject: Re: solrconfig.xml - configuration scope

What specifically are you seeing? Most things are per-core as you surmised.

There are a few things which, through interaction with Lucene global variables affect multiple
cores, the one that comes to mind is maxBooleanClauses, where the value in the last core loaded

There might be some others though, that's the one that I remember.

What version of Solr are you running?


On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 9:52 AM, Fitzpatrick, Adrian <> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is probably a very basic question that has been asked many times before - apologies
in advance if so!
> I'm looking to validate whether something I **think** I have observed when using Solr
is a known behaviour:
> From my read of the docs etc. it was my understanding that 
> solrconfig.xml was the configuration for a core, and that if I had 
> multiple cores in my Solr server, each would have their own version of 
> that file with their own settings. However, in practice, when working 
> with such a multiple core setup, what I have observed suggests that 
> some (perhaps many?) of the settings within solrconfig.xml can have a 
> system-wide impact. I.e. I change a setting in core A and I see 
> behaviour in other cores B,C which suggests they are obeying the 
> changed value from the core A rather than the setting value from their 
> own copy of solrconfig.xml
> So, as I said, main question is this known/expected behaviour, or am I imagining things!
If the former, is there any documentation etc. that provides any clarification around how
the configuration scope operates?
> Thanks,
> Adrian
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