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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Configuring cores to persist in the event of Solr restart
Date Mon, 11 Jan 2016 02:43:53 GMT
On 1/10/2016 2:29 AM, Allan Kamau wrote:
> We are able to load several cores into Solr 5.3.1.
> The problem is that after a restart of the server, these cores seem to get
> deleted.
> Is there a way to make cores loaded in Solr 5.x survive a server restart.
> Could there be a setting in solr.xml or perhaps the "" files
> that would enable core(s) survivability in the event of server restart.
> I have searched for a solution to this issue but found none, though I feel
> that it has already been answered.

If the solr home is being set properly, then the cores will survive a
restart.  The files will be found by core discovery,
with the search starting at the solr home.

Alexandre has outlined the most likely reason for you to see a problem
where cores don't survive a restart.  If you start Solr with the -e
option (-e cloud, for instance), then Solr is running with a different
solr home than normal.  The solr home is normally server/solr (relative
to the root of the extracted archive), but it is very different when
using the -e option.  If the solr home is incorrect, then Solr will be
unable to find the cores and load them.  The "restart" option on
bin/solr will use the normal solr home location.

If you start with "-e cloud", here is how you can restart the individual
nodes that this example creates:

I would not expect the "-e" option to be very useful for production.
There is usually no need for multiple Solr instances per machine, which
the cloud example creates.  The other examples are not as well-rounded
as the configsets in the primary install.


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