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From David Santamauro <>
Subject date difference faceting
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2016 10:23:58 GMT


I have two date fields, d_a and d_b, both of type solr.TrieDateField, 
that represent different events associated with a particular document. 
The interval between these dates is relevant for corner-case statistics. 
The interval is calculated as the difference: sub(d_b,d_a) and I've been 
able to


What I ultimately would like to report is the interval represented as a 
range, which could be seen as facet.query

(pseudo code)
   facet.query=sub(d_b,d_a)[ * TO 86400000 ] // day
   facet.query=sub(d_b,d_a)[ 86400001 TO 604800000 ] // week
   facet.query=sub(d_b,d_a)[ 604800001 TO 2592000000 ] // month

Aside from actually indexing the difference in a separate field, is 
there something obvious I'm missing? I'm on SOLR 5.2 in cloud mode.


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