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From Jeff Wartes <>
Subject Re: Solrcloud: 1 server, 1 configset, multiple collections, multiple schemas
Date Fri, 04 Dec 2015 17:50:51 GMT

If you want two different collections to have two different schemas, those
collections need to reference two different configsets.
So you need another copy of your config available using a different name,
and to reference that other name when you create the second collection.

On 12/4/15, 6:26 AM, "bengates" <> wrote:

>I'm having usage issues with *Solrcloud*.
>What I want to do:
>- Manage a solr server *only with the API* (create / reload / delete
>collections, create / replace / delete fields, etc).
>- A new collection should* start with pre-defined default fields,
>and copyFields* (let's say, field1 and field2 for fields).
>- Each collection must *have its own schema*.
>What I've setup yet:
>- Installed a *Solr 5.3.1* in //opt/solr/ on an Ubuntu 14.04 server
>- Installed *Zookeeper 3.4.6* in //opt/zookeeper/ as described in the solr
>- Added line "server.1=" in
>- Added line "<str name="zkHost"></str>" in
>- Told solr or zookeeper somewhere (don't remember where I setup this) to
>use //home/me/configSet/managed-schema.xml/ and
>//home/me/configSet/solrconfig.xml/ for configSet
>- Run solr on port 8983
>My //home/me/configSet/managed-schema.xml/ contains *field1* and *field2*.
>Now let's create a collection:
>- *collection1 *is created, with *field1 *and *field2*. Perfect.
>Let's create another collection:
>- *collection2 *is created, with *field1 *and *field2*. Perfect.
>No, if I *add some fields* on *collection1 *by POSTing to :
>/http://my.remote.addr:8983/solr/collection1/schema/ the following:
>- *field3 *and *field4 *are successfully added to *collection1*
>- ... but they are *also added* to *collection2* (verified by GETting
>How to prevent this behavior, since my collections have *different kind of
>datas*, and may have the same field names but not the same types?
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