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From Emir Arnautovic <>
Subject Re: solr search relevancy
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2015 11:11:04 GMT
Hi Dhanesh,
Several things you could try:
* when you are searching for "bank" you are actually searching for 
tag/category and in your query you are boosting name 300 while tag is 3.
* you must not sort on premium content weight - you can either use boost 
query clauses to prefer premium content
* use elevator component in case you want to explicitly list some 
results for some queries
* take a look at edismax query parser instead of building your own query 
- it gives you nice features you could use here: boost fields, minimum 
terms match, boost queries...


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On 09.11.2015 11:50, Dhanesh Radhakrishnan wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anybody help me to resolve an issues with solr search relevancy.
> Problem is that when somebody search "Bank", it displays some other
> business related to this phrase.
> For Eg it shows  "Blood bank" and "Power bank" as the first results.
> To resolve this, we implemented the proximity search at the end of the
> phrase for getting the relevancy and boost the field.This eliminate the
> issue in search, and irrelevant results goes down to the last sections
> For Eg : When a user search "Bank" he gets banks on the top results, not
> the "Blood banks".This resolved with proximity in phrases and boosting.
> http://localhost:8983/solr/localbusiness/select?q=((name
> :"bank")^300+OR+((categoryPrefixed:"_CATEGORY_PREFIXED_+bank"~1)^300+AND+(categoryPrefixed:"_CATEGORY_PREFIXED_+bank"~2)^200+AND+(categoryPrefixed:"_CATEGORY_PREFIXED_+bank"~3)^100)+OR+
> (tag:"bank")^30+OR+(address:"bank")^5)
> &start=0&rows=10&wt=json&indent=true
> But the actual problem occurred when we sort the search result.
> There is a specific requirement from client that the "Premium" listings
> should display as top results.For that we have field packageWeight in solr
> schema with values  like 10, 20, 30 for free, basic and premium
> consecutively.
> <field name="packageWeight" type="int" stored="true" indexed="true"
> required="true" />
> <!-- Used for sorting -->
> And now when we perform this sorting, we get some irrelevant results to
> top, but its Premium listing.
> How this happened is that
> In solr schema, there is a field  "tag". A tag is a small summary or words
> that used related to the business and can be implemented to provide a quick
> overview of the business.
> When a search perform based on  "Tag" which is comparatively very low boost.
> <field name="tag" type="text_searchable" stored="true" indexed="true"
> required="false" multiValued="true" omitNorms="false"
> omitTermFreqAndPositions="false" />
> In solr doc, there is a premium business named "Mobile Store" and which is
> tagged with a keyword "Power Bank".
> When we search "Bank" without sorting we are getting relevant results first.
> But when we  sort result with field packageWeight, this doc comes first.
> Is there any way to resolve this issue??
> Or at least is there any way to remove certain fields from the sort, but
> not from search.
> Regards
> dhanesh s r

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