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From Mahmoud Almokadem <>
Subject Invalid parsing with solr edismax operators
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2015 08:39:56 GMT

I'm using solr 4.8.1. Using edismax as the parser we got the undesirable parsed queries and
results. The following is two different cases with strange behavior: Searching with these

and the query is

"q":"+(public libraries)",
Retrieve 502 documents with these parsed query

"rawquerystring":"+(public libraries)",
"querystring":"+(public libraries)",
"parsedquery":"(+(+(DisjunctionMaxQuery((Title:public^200.0 | TotalField:public^0.1)) DisjunctionMaxQuery((Title:libraries^200.0
| TotalField:libraries^0.1)))))/no_coord",
"parsedquery_toString":"+(+((Title:public^200.0 | TotalField:public^0.1) (Title:libraries^200.0
| TotalField:libraries^0.1)))"
and if the query is

"q":" (public libraries) "
then it retrieves 8 documents with these parsed query

"rawquerystring":" (public libraries) ",
"querystring":" (public libraries) ",
"parsedquery":"(+((DisjunctionMaxQuery((Title:public^200.0 | TotalField:public^0.1)) DisjunctionMaxQuery((Title:libraries^200.0
| TotalField:libraries^0.1)))~2))/no_coord",
"parsedquery_toString":"+(((Title:public^200.0 | TotalField:public^0.1) (Title:libraries^200.0
| TotalField:libraries^0.1))~2)"
So the results of adding "+" to get all tokens before the parenthesis retrieve more results
than removing it.

Is this a bug on this version or there are something missing?
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