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From Jeff Wartes <>
Subject Facet queries blow out the filterCache
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2015 16:43:58 GMT

I’m doing some fairly simple facet queries in a two-shard 5.3 SolrCloud
index on fields like this:

<field name="city" type="string" indexed="true" stored="false"

that look something like this:

(no, NOT facet.method=enum - the usage of the filterCache there is pretty
well documented)

Watching the filterCache stats, it appears that every one of these queries
causes the "inserts" counter to be incremented by one. Distinct "q="
queries also increase the "size", and eviction happens as normal. If I
repeat the same query a few times, "lookups" is not incremented, so these
entries generally appear to be completely wasted. (Although when running a
lot of these queries, it appears as though a very small set also increment
the "lookups" counter, but only a small set, and I haven’t figured out why
some are special.)

So the question is, why does this facet query have anything to do with the
filterCache? This causes a huge amount of filterCache churn with no
apparent benefit.

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